Monique is a Social Media expert with a passion for helping brands grow and achieve their goals through Social Media. With a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Monique has worked on Strategy, Media, Trade Marketing, PR, Campaign Management however has made Social Media a strong focus as the media landscape changes. Throughout Monique's career she has worked in marketing for various industries including L'Oreal in Australia and Cavalier Bremworth in New Zealand, Monique has the ability to adapt to different markets and audiences and apply her insights to your business. 

To showcase Monique’s expertise and love for Social Media she started Christchurch Insider a popular Social Media account that showcases beautiful food, events, walks and all the great things Christchurch has to offer. Monique gains real insights and knowledge about the ever-changing world of Social Media through this platform to share with her clients. To learn more make sure you follow Monique as she shares tips and knowledge on her own Instagram.

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